Skills Unlimited, Inc

Skills Unlimited, Inc

Clinical and Rehabilitative Services
For Persons With Disabilities

Anyone with a documented disability who meets entrance requirements is eligible for services at our agency.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for attending the Skills Unlimited program?

Clients who qualify for services will incur no cost for program participation.

How do I gain entrance into Skills Unlimited?

Application to Skills Unlimited is quite simple. Anyone with a documented disability who meets entrance requirements is eligible for services at our agency. The New York State Department of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) refer many of our trainees. You do not, however, have to be referred through VESID. You may call our facility and a representative will guide you through the brief initial stages of application.

When does the training begin and how long does training last?

Skills Unlimited accepts new persons each Monday. Vocational Evaluation usually takes 10 to 15 days. Vocational training will usually take 13 – 26 weeks.

Will I be placed in a job when my training ends?

Placement services are offered during the training phase. This ensures that all clients are prepared to move on to competitive employment when training is completed. As we consider competitive employment integral to our process, every effort is made to place all clients who complete the program.

Am I paid during training?

In our Food Service Training Program and our Maintenance Program, clients actually perform those services as part of their training. Consequently, they are paid for their training. The rate of pay is determined by a proficiency rating that is performed at Skills Unlimited. Other training programs are non-paid.

What are the hours of operation for the program?

Skills Unlimited is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. until 4:15 P.M. throughout the year.

Do you have part-time hours for those who can't attend five days per week?

At Skills Unlimited we realize that work, school, family and other priorities must be considered when arranging a program. Therefore we are able to create flexible part-time schedules when needed.

Do you provide transportation?

For those who live proximally, Skills Unlimited is able to provide bus service. For those who are not within the catchment area of our vans, we routinely arrange bus service through a number of transportation contracts that serve our enterprise. We also teach our consumers to utilize public transportation if they wish to do so.

What type of work can I expect to gain after completing training?

Skills Unlimited is a well established agency that with strong ties to the community. Our network of business enterprises is comprehensive and we have been quite successful in working with the community to facilitate employment for our clients.

I am unsure of what type of work I would like to engage in competitively. Do I have to make a decision regarding my vocational goal before I can be enrolled into Skills Unlimited?

No, in fact, many of our clients require assistance to establish their employment goals. The Vocational Evaluation that you will undergo will prove helpful to you. Our Vocational Counseling staff will further assist you by helping you along as you progress through your training. Many clients opt to try various work opportunities. In this manner they can gain realistic work impressions which are valuable in making a final employment decision.

Who will be working with me to accomplish my goals at Skills Unlimited?

While at Skills Unlimited, you will be assigned a team of professionals to help you develop and achieve your objectives. Our Rehabilitation Counselors, Instructors, Social Workers and job coaches are highly experienced and will prove invaluable to you as you work toward your goals.

I would like mental health services. Is it necessary to be enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program to be a member of the clinic?

You do not have to be enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program to be enrolled in the clinic. Our clinic serves our clients in program as well as those in the community who require clinic services only.

Does the clinic accept Medicaid and/or Medicare insurance?

Yes. In addition to payment by insurance, we offer a sliding scale of payment for those with no health insurance coverage.

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