Skills Unlimited, Inc

Skills Unlimited, Inc

Clinical and Rehabilitative Services
For Persons With Disabilities

Diagnosing and providing treatment services for persons with psyhchiatric disabilities and mental illness.
Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Skills Unlimited is licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health to operate an outpatient clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to diagnose and provide treatment services for persons with psychiatric disabilities and mental illness. The clinic is a free standing entity open to the public — enrollment in other programs at Skills Unlimited is not a criterion for admission. Services offered at our clinic include the following:

Initial Screening Service

Upon applying for admission to our clinic, many persons will receive up to three initial screening visits. These visits allow our clinicians to thoroughly evaluate the needs of each applicant and ensure an appropriate course of treatment.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Before admission, a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is given. This allows our psychiatrist the opportunity to diagnose each client and prescribe a course of treatment designed to ameliorate symptoms and promote recovery.

Medication Therapy

If required, a course of treatment that includes medication can be prescribed. All clients are educated regarding the medication prescribed and are made fully aware of what they can expect from various courses of medication therapy.

Verbal Therapy

Individuals that require verbal therapy with any of our mental health professionals will receive such. Scheduling is arranged to be as convenient as possible.

Group Therapy

Skills Unlimited conducts group therapy sessions for its clients. Individuals who benefit from peer support and communication find this mode of therapy helpful.

Social Work Services

Two psychiatric social workers are an integral part of our clinical staff. Along with conducting individual and group therapy, these highly accomplished mental health professionals can aid clients to negotiate the world of social services.

Psychological Evaluation/Assessment & Therapy

Our psychologist offers evaluation and therapy to clients requesting such.   Individual and group therapy are also offered.

Consumer Advocacy

For those needing support from other agencies or simply seeking an alternate means to gain assistance,  Skills Unlimited can help by reaching out and using its considerable resources to link clients to appropriate programs and facilities.

Information & Referral

Skills Unlimited is happy to provide information and referral to any one requiring such. A simple phone call, e-mail or letter will suffice to gain such information.

To find out more about the Outpatient Mental Health Clinic at Skills Unlimited, please give us a call or fill out the contact form provided on this Web site.

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