Skills Unlimited, Inc

Skills Unlimited, Inc

Clinical and Rehabilitative Services
For Persons With Disabilities

Our hope is to assist people with mental illness in managing the parts of their illness that are particularly limiting.


How do I get into the SUCCESS Program?

It usually begins with a phone call (631 580-5319). A tour and an orientation will be arranged so you can see firsthand what we do. If you would like to attend, a referral package containing an application and required forms is given;  when we receive the completed forms, we contact you to set up an intake interview. A start date is generally arranged within a week or two.

How would I get to the program once I start? 

Free door to door transportation is provided.

Is there any cost to me to attend the program?


If I can’t attend every day, can I arrange a part-time program?

Yes. Most people, in fact, start the program on a part-time basis and then add additional days later. A suitable schedule is usually easily arranged.

I have my own psychiatrist and therapist. Do I have to give them up and attend your clinic if I go to SUCCESS?

Not at all.  That is one of the advantages of attending our program. However, we do offer clinic services for those people who want them, and many of our members have chosen to take advantage of this service because of the convenience.

I think I would like to return to work some day. Does SUCCESS offer vocational services like job training and job placement?

SUCCESS is a recovery-oriented program and encourages our members to set up goals such as yours. We have many pre-vocational activities that can help you to determine a plan for reaching your goals..  The SUCCESS-Skills Unlimited exchange program can then offer you an opportunity to participate in vocational activities on a part-time basis by splitting your time between SUCCESS and Skills Unlimited. Many members have then transitioned to a full-time job training and job placement program at Skills Unlimited.

Do I first have to apply to ACCESS-VR (VESID) to attend SUCCESS or participate in the SUCCESS- Skills Unlimited exchange program?

Our program offers assistance in accessing these services quickly and easily. Many people have started SUCCESS as a way to get into vocational programming at the earliest possible time.

Do you serve meals at SUCCESS?

Most people bring their lunch but we also run a coffee shop that offers snacks very inexpensively.

How long can I attend SUCCESS?

There is no time limit.  The path to recovery is different for everyone. The important thing to remember is that most people do recover from mental illness.

How do I develop this “recovery plan”?

Everyone who attends SUCCESS has a staff member assigned to them as their “primary counselor”. This staff member works with the participant to establish goals and identify issues or barriers that need to be addressed.  A schedule of classes is then set up in support of these objectives.  The pursuit of these personal goals is essentially a “recovery plan”.

Success PROS Program

Success PROS Program

Providing clinical treatment, wellness self-management classes and ongoing counseling in support of recovery from mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse

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