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Skills Unlimited, Inc

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Our hope is to assist people with mental illness in managing the parts of their illness that are particularly limiting.
Success PROS Program

Success PROS Program

What is SUCCESS?

SUCCESS is a recovery-oriented psychiatric rehabilitation program of Skills Unlimited for adults over the age of 18.  Licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health as a PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services), the program is supported by Medicaid and offers a variety of classes and other services designed to promote recovery from mental illness.  SUCCESS is located in Oakdale and provides free transportation from most areas within the towns of Islip, Babylon, and Brookhaven.

Mental Illness Education

Research shows that two out of every three people having mental illness are able to recover.  A significant factor in the recovery process is learning about one’s illness and developing the ability to self-manage the symptoms.  Towards this end, SUCCESS offers recovery-oriented classes in which participants receive instruction and support while learning about psychiatric symptoms, medications, and the mental health delivery system in general.  This education is an important first step in the recovery process.  The curriculum of SUCCESS is individualized to participants’ needs in order for them to understand and manage the symptoms of their particular mental illness.  They may attend full- or part-time based on their comfort level and receive services that are relevant to their goals. 

Clinic Services

Clinical services such as medication management and therapy are available to all program participants, but it is not required that they attend our clinic as a condition of enrollment with us.  This can be a real advantage to people who have developed long-term positive relationships with their own doctors or therapists and do not wish to leave them.

Counselor Support

All participants are assigned counselors who assist them in developing individualized recovery plans.  They can then chose a schedule of classes and activities that will provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals, or to develop a longer-range plan that might require additional services elsewhere.  People who attend the SUCCESS PROS invariably set goals in the general areas of working, housing, health, education, and social skills development.

Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support

For people looking to return to work, ongoing supportive employment services are offered that can be valuable in planning the right strategy and resolving issues that could undermine their efforts.  Our hope is to assist people with mental illness in managing the parts of their illness that are particularly limiting, and to offer the hope that they can become productive once again. Because the SUCCESS program is a division of Skills Unlimited, we can make use of the vocational resources available at the Oakdale facility to transition people into a level of employment or skill development that will foster independence and recovery.

To find out more about the Skills Unlimited SUCCESS PROS, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or call us at (631) 567-1626 if you need additional information or you wish to schedule a visit.

Tours of our facility are welcome and are the first step in enrolling in our program.

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